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PCC Rules

TopGeneral Club Rules
  1. Please keep your club clean.  Place all litter in the appropriate garbage cans, recycling and organics bins.
  2. PCC is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.  Please do not leave personal items at the club.
  3. Profanity will not be tolerated.
  4. Please report any damage of equipment or facilities to the coaching staff immediately.
  5. Two or more paddlers are required to carry each boat.
  6. Please empty and dry all water from the boats and return them to the racks after use.
  7. Please return all equipment to the club in a tidy fashion after use.
  8. PCC is a completely smoke free environment.
  9. Bicycles must be left outside of the club.
  10. Have fun and enjoy the water!

Pisiquid Canoe Club raises the majority of its revenue through fundraising to be able to repair and purchase boats and equipment.  The coaches will instruct all paddlers on the proper care and handling of the boats and equipment.  It is expected that paddlers will treat all equipment with respect and care and no form of abuse or mistreatment will be tolerated.

TopSafe Arrival & Departure Program

Pisiquid Canoe Club has a safe arrival and departure program at the club.  The safety of the children is the ultimate concern of our staff and directors.  Parents/guardians are required to sign their kids into and out of the club each day.  There is an attendance sheet located inside the upper clubhouse at the club to be used each day.  If the need arises to sign out a child before the end of the regular program, parents are to notify a club coach (not another child) that the child is leaving early.  If a person other than parent/guardian is picking up your child, then a note or phone call is required.

If the parents/guardians waive the drop-off or pick-up of older children, due to them walking or bicycling to the club on a regular basis; then the children are responsible for signing themselves into and out of the club on a daily basis using the same attendance sheet in the upper clubhouse. If the need arises to sign out before the end of the regular program, children are to notify a club coach (not another child) that they are leaving early.

We ask that parents call the club (798-4632) before 9:00am if your children will be absent from their normally scheduled program. If we do not hear from you, we will phone you to make sure that you are aware that your child is absent on that day.  Your child’s safety is our primary concern.

TopIncident Reporting

Pisiquid Canoe Club enforces an incident reporting policy to ensure that parents/guardians are informed of all incidents and/or disciplinary warnings in a timely manner.  If your children are involved in any form of first-aid, near-miss, injury or other disciplinary incident involving your child; you will be asked to sign acknowledgement of the incident when you pick-up your children.  The coaching staff will be pleased to take the time to explain the incident to you, and how they will take steps to eliminate reoccurrence.

Any incident reports will be reviewed at the end of the day by the entire coaching staff to ensure that all appropriate actions are implemented to prevent reoccurrence.  These incident reports will also be reviewed the PCC board of directors to ensure actions are communicated, handled and actions implemented in a suitable and timely manner.

TopRegistration & Payment of Fees

Registration fees shall be set by the PCC board of directors prior to the season commencing.  Summer program registration will occur during PCC Open House events, during program operation or online.  Registration shall be considered complete only upon receipt of all of the following by the Registrar:

  • completed registration form; and
  • payment(s) covering all appropriate fees

For liability reasons, paddlers will not be permitted to participate in programming or events until registration is complete.  Options for payment of registration fees are as follows:

  • payment in full (cash, cheque or e-transfer); or
  • postdated cheques; provided the full amount is paid prior to the start of the program

All paddlers are required to pay their applicable CKC fees at registration.  100% of this fee is returned to CanoeKayak Canada, the governing body, to assist in the promotion and development of the sport on a Provincial, National and International level.

Disciplinary Policy

Pisiquid Canoe Club enforces a no tolerance policy for inappropriate and disrespectful behavior towards coaches, paddlers, and equipment.  This includes but is not limited to bullying, failure to follow club rules, disregarding coaches’ directives, violence and/or any form of discriminatory behavior.  PCC reserves the right to discipline any person who displays such behavior, and revoke future membership rights due to previous behaviour issues.

1st Offence:  1 day suspension and notification to parent/guardian
2nd Offence: 1 week suspension and written notification to both parents/guardians
3rd Offence:  expulsion from Pisiquid Canoe Club

There will be no refund of membership fees as a result of any disciplinary action.