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PCC Vision

  • Offer Recreational and Competitive Paddling Opportunities for All Members (circa 2007)
  • Provide an Affordable and Inclusive Program for our Community
  • Ensure the Safety of our Participants and our Equipment


“A Canadian Sport for Families, Communities and Champions”

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

TopFUNdamentals (U8/U10/U12)
  • Fun and skill development while giving participants fun race opportunities
  • Conduct multisport regattas, paddling, games, running, biking, swimming, etc.
  • Include both canoe and kayak; no boat specialization
  • Focus on participation in team boats
  • Utilization of age appropriate equipment; mini-kayaks, mini-canoes, Lightning kayaks
  • Gain race day protocols, etiquette, rules and routines in a fun environment
  • Minimize financial stress on parents and club to purchase high-end boats and equipment

TopTrain to Train (U12/U14)
  • Multiple distances; no distance specialization
  • Include both canoe and kayak; no boat specialization
  • Focus on participation in team boats
  • Learning to paddle and build aerobic machines; understand PHV variance in athletes
  • Minimize travel and financial commitments for parents and club
  • Minimize high-level regattas (qualifying & nationals)

TopLearn to Compete (U14/U16)
  • Multiple distances; race across as many race distances as possible
  • Consideration given to school/work transition, part-time jobs, etc.
  • Proficiency in paddling single boats
  • Development of wash-riding skills and boat control skills
  • Foster participation in team boats to accommodate late entry of athletes into the sport
  • Bridge gap from U14 to U16
  • Regular off-water team building activities
  • Introduce higher-level competition (Qualifying & Nationals)

TopTrain to Compete (Junior)
  • Specialization in canoe vs. kayak
  • Specialization in distance; following PHV/growth spurt
  • Specialization in crew boats vs. singles
  • Competition analysis and debriefs
  • High Performance identification; recognize Domestic and International HP pathways

TopTrain to Win (Senior)
  • Provincial and National Coaching

TopActive for Life (Adult/Masters)
  • Facilitate paddlers’ continued involvement by promoting boats which foster their continued participation; crew boat 4’s and war canoe
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